Good Shepherd School


Chess is an excellent game for children.  It teaches them strategic thinking, logic and it's fun too!  GSS children are given the opportunity to develop their chess skills and take part in tournaments with other schools.  We have Chess Master Leonard McLaren in once a week to work with the students and support them working towards the different levels of achievement within Chess.


Code club is an after school programme which runs once a week for around 20, year 5/6 students to learn about coding.  We use Scratch, HTML and Python.  This is run with support from Code Club Aotearoa.


At Good Shepherd we are very proud of our gardens and our gardening club do a great job at looking after them.  We have a vegetable, herb and fruit garden which we harvest and sell to raise funds to buy equipment or more plants.



The Good Shepherd School Choir participate each year in a festival, either Kids For Kids Festival or APPA Festival.  They also get opportunities throughout the year to perform at assemblies or local community  events.




Irish Dancing is a group of students from Year 0-6 who perform irish dancing. They perform each year on St Patrick's day and any school events that occur.  They also perform at the end of each year in the Eden/Albert Cultural Festival.



Our sports teams are continuous throughtout the year.  We participate in many of the Eden/Albert Zone competitions as well as the Tristar Gymnastics.