Good Shepherd School

Three Way Conferencing

Two formal Student/Parent/Teacher conferences are held each year, usually in term one and term three. Booking is done online and the link is sent out to parents prior.

At other times, if parents wish to discuss their child’s progress with his/her teacher an interview time may be arranged with the teacher through the School Office.

In extreme circumstances, where parents notify the school that they are unable to share an interview with the other parent of their child, the school may provide a separate interview for each parent. In this case the child will not be present at either interview and a second staff member may attend. Different information may be provided to each parent because of different questions each parent may ask.

Written Reports

Written reports cover progress and achievement in reading, writing and mathematics. Two written reports will be sent home during the year. Up until the end of 36 months at school these will occur around the six monthly or yearly anniversaries of your child’s birthdate. After 36 months at school students will receive these reports in July and December of each year. An additional written report which covers other curriculum areas and the key competencies will be sent out at the end of the year.

Important Notices