Good Shepherd School

Sushi is available for lunch on Fridays. Menus with prices are available at reception.

Orders must be placed in the marked box outside the main entrance to the administration building on Thursday (for Friday delivery).

Sushi Guidelines

Our Good Shepherd children love their Sushi on a Friday!

We’ve made some changes to help the order system run smoothly, so please read the following: 

Starting from THURSDAY 16 FEBRUARY

Orders will be taken every THURSDAY for delivery on FRIDAY

Orders can be placed in the "sushi mailbox” at the office any time during the school day on THURSDAY

Orders are processed overnight – NO ORDERScan be placed on Friday morning (this includes if your child is away on Thursday)

Correct change only – anything extra will be considered a donation to the school

Please label your child’s envelopes as below otherwise your child may not receive the Sushi they prefer  

Name of child (Jonny Cash)

Child’s class (Room 1)

Sushi required (6 pack chicken)

Amount enclosed ($6)   

Sushi prices: 

4 pack Chicken, Tuna or Vege      $5.00

6 pack Chicken, Tuna or Vege      $6.00

8 pack Chicken, Tuna or Vege      $7.00

Teriyaki Chicken on Rice                $6.00

Thank you for your help and support of this amazing fundraiser!